New York Wheel

630-Foot-tall Ferris Wheel with 36 capsules

In 2012 Starneth B.V. signed the contract for engineering and building one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world. This Ferris Wheel was planned to be built at St. George in Staten Island, New York. The New York Wheel was a 192 tall Ferris Wheel with 36 capsules, each with a capacity of 40 people.

In my role as Electrical and Controls Expert I have designed the hardware and software for this electrical driven Ferris Wheel.

The electrical design was TÜV, UL and PE approved. The total electrical load for this wheel was 3.3 MW. For the control system we used Siemens S7-1500 safety PLC`s and this control system was completely redundant. Each capsule was equiped with a standalone Siemens ET200S safety PLC.

For communication with the 36 Capsule we used an Industrial Wireless Lan system with 100% redundancy. The visualization was done in C#. The power distribution panels and the control panels were built and certified in our own UL-508A certified workshop in Enschede, The Netherlands.

Unfortunately, in 2018 the developers decided to cancel this project and with that this beautiful project came to an end.