About me

Jacco Bokkens

After 35 years of working in the control system industry, I have started my own Engineering and Consultancy company.

I have worked worldwide on many impressive projects and I have built up a great base of knowledge and expertise in the control system industry.
During the 35 years, I have worked on many interesting projects such as:

  • Optimizing production processes for Plastic Moulding factories.
  • Control system for the biggest mobile land cranes in the world.
  • Chain pulling systems to lift a container vessel from the sea bottom.
  • Hardware engineering for the Las Vegas High Roller.
  • Software engineering for a push-pull system to move the sarcophagus over the exploded nuclear reactor No.5 in Chernobyl.
  • Hardware and software engineering for the entire control system for the Giant Observation wheels in Dubai and New York. 

Countries where I have worked on many impressive projects:

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